What to Expect as an Employee at RAPIER

Everyone...No Matter of Tenure or Position

We are professionals. We treat each other with respect. We are not afraid of having candid, honest, yet professional conversations with each other. We are not afraid to admit mistakes. We share our mistakes so that our teammates might learn and benefit from what has been learned. We share the “why” behind what we request be completed. We are awesome communicators and trust, yet verify. There is no such thing as a dumb question. If you do not know something, then ask. If you assume without knowing, then the end result of an action could be costly to the team. A culture of safety is paramount in all we do. Everyone has someone that loves them, and it is every team member's responsibility to ensure their teammates go home at the end of the day.

Everyone has the right to stop work if they think that a task or situation is unsafe. We all share in finding a better, more efficient, & safer way to do something. You do a disservice to your team if you recognize a “mess” and do not share your observation for allowing improvement. We constantly lift each other up, teach, and mentor. We all pick up trash. Leaders do not step over trash. Put the shopping cart up. You are the face of this company. Be mindful of how you represent yourself on and off the field. Ego’s kill progress. We don’t die on hills. If something is not working then stop, adapt, or ask for help. Expending valuable time, energy, money, & resources unnecessarily negatively impacts our team.

We are fanatical about our mission and our core values.
Our mission at RAPIER Industries is to empower the future of engineering, trade professionals, and industry leadership. Through ongoing training and mentorship, we aim to pave the way for a better tomorrow, where life is made easier for all.

Professionalism & Balance

We follow SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that help give us consistency in all that we do across all departments. However, adaptability is important. Find a way through the wall. We let our competition drive us to be better than them. We work hard but believe that there is a work-life balance. Take vacations! Balance the health/spiritual/mental/fiscally responsible side of life. There is no “us versus them” mentality between departments, service lines, or sister companies. We win and lose as a team.

We carry a heavy emphasis on recognizing the, GWC (GET IT, WANT IT, CAPACITY TO DO IT) in Teammates. If an individual lacks any one of these qualities for the position they’re in, then they might be in the wrong seat or ultimately on the wrong team.

gwc get it want it capacity to do it
  • GET IT: The individual truly understands their role, the systems, the pace, and how the job comes together.
  • WANT IT: They genuinely like the job. They understand the role, and they want to do it based on fair compensation and the responsibility.
  • CAPACITY TO DO IT: Means having the time as well as the mental, physical, and emotional capacity to do a job well. A position might require more than 40hrs a week, certain level of intellect, skill, knowledge, and emotional intelligence.

What to Expect as a Manager

Regarding Accounts

Relationships in business are important! RAPIER will not attempt to manipulate or take over relationships. However, a designated RAPIER representative will regularly consult with accounts to ensure client satisfaction, discuss continuous improvement opportunities, and RAPIER's overall performance. This has proven to help create consistency in how we operate. "No Messy Clients & No Messy Teammates". What defines a “messy client”? Simply stated it’s the time, effort, & energy spent on the account vs. profitability & risk mitigation. Risk mitigation including but not limited to, Safety & Financial risk. If a client is, “messy” then the Account Manager must be prepared to possibly part ways with that account to free up time and energy to manage accounts worth the company’s resources.

Regarding "My Guys" & "My Customers"

Every time we have heard this comment, the individual eventually does not work out. The Account Manager must build trust with Service & Project Managers and believe they will be a good steward of servicing the Account Managers relationships. Great communication is key in ensuring success.

"My Guys"

We rotate field staff in a methodical manner to ensure that all team members get maximum exposure and training across the board. If you as the Account Manager bring field personnel with you then be prepared for this concept. They will not report to you as an Account Manager.

"My Customers"

We are a team. It is EVERY TEAM MEMBERS RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that OUR clients are taken care of. Whatever it takes, we help each other out.

Regarding Time

We Track Our Time (Managers) As possibly both an Account Manager and SME (Subject Matter Expert) you mainly have (3) buckets to spend your time in:
  • Sales - Go get new accounts or sell to established accounts.
  • Bidding - You are an SME estimating work.
  • Managing - You are managing the day to day of accounts and possibly projects. The before mentioned is regarding normal daily work and does not include special projects, training, etc.
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