The J D Russell Company Reflex® extrusion line produces a product widely used throughout the continental United States as concrete expansion joint material. In 2020, RAPIER INDUSTRIES was selected as the system integrator for the Reflex® extrusion line.

The Reflex® extrusion line had a new Siemens PLC installed during the previous year. However, there had been several unresolved issues with the program which had a significant impact on the production line. The plants maintenance team had been reduced to installing controls independent of the new PLC to overcome some of these issues and keep operations going at a reduced rate.  Additionally, there was very limited access to the program itself and the program language inhibited the maintenance team from troubleshooting.


RAPIER INDUSTRIES’ engineering team has more than 25 years of experience with extrusion systems and
instrumentation. We insured that the client and end users had input on the design process and chose a
programming format that the client’s maintenance team could easily interpret. Within a few weeks, our engineering
team was able to write a new program for the extrusion line, maintain characteristics of the previous system, and
eliminate all known control and instrumentation issues.

RAPIER INDUSTRIES also provided start-up services and operator training once the new system was installed.
Additional features were added to the system upon a successful start-up, to enhance operator control and process
capability. Within a week of placing the production line back in service, the client recognized a 33% increase in
production rates.

After the project was completed, the client was provided with a new accessible control system conducive to troubleshooting and supplemental programming. We also updated, revised, and re-issued the client’s original project drawings.

RAPIER INDUSTRIES is proud to have been a part of this success story and appreciate the confidence and partnership
we now share with The J D Russell Company.


RAPIER INDUSTRIES has written approval from THE JD RUSSELL COMPANY to publicly share this case study.